A glimpse behind the scenes of a photoshoot

At Fitbrand we love it when a photoshoot goes smoothly. But to ensure that the client gets what he or she wants, we need good management. Because you want to use your time in the studio as efficiently as possible. And when something does go wrong, you instantly need to know what the other options are.
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The assignment and consultation

When Planet Fitness came to us towards the end of 2014, they wanted three kinds of pictures: Product photography, pictures that show the right techniques for the products and lifestyle photography. Together with the client we drew up a vast list of all the products that had to be photographed, and from what angles this had to be done. An indispensable list, because all the attributes had to be there to do the shoot. A list that also helps you to find the right picture afterwards, not an easy task when there are more than 3000 pictures.

making of fitness fotoshoot - fitbrand
Actually they are just very normal people, those models. Very well trained normal people, that is.

Planning: even more lists

If you have that list, you get together and discuss it. How can you best show everything? How much can you ‘shoot’ in one day? What is the best (affordable) location? What about doing a boxing workout? Because from experience we know that image looks so good. Eventually you make a plan. What equipment do you need? Is it useful to use a second photographer? When is everyone available? In the end we decide to do 2x two days on two different locations.

Photoshoot 1: Technique in the studio

Because the product pictures and the ‘technical’ pictures, which show the right technique, had to be as clear as possible, we chose to do these in two days using a photo studio with an all-white background. This makes the pictures very usable for catalogues or web shops. Nice work, but it’s distracting to have a page full of pictures with too much emotions, because it distracts the attention to the viewer. Very good photo studio by the way Cine Media Groep.

making of studio foto fitness fotoshoot fitbrand
Good lighting is a good start, now for the rest..

Photoshoot 2: Metaalkathedraal

Our heart started racing from the two days photographing on location at the Metaalkathedraal. in Utrecht. The athletes could now give it their all! We used a few lamps for a dramatic shadow-effect, and to work away a few other shadows, now it’s go time! We didn’t even have to use the baby-oil spray to fake sweat as much as we thought. Even though it was in the middle of the winter. The included hot cannon was certainly not an unnecessary luxury.

making of fitness fotoshoot - fitbrand

Attention and focus, also behind the scenes.

Hard work, with an occasional break

And then everything just goes smoothly. You can notice that the preparation was in its place. Everyone knows his or her role, what has to be done and when. Training together with the kettlebell, a group training on the body bike, or an individual training with a battle rope. You can see that the pictures reflect a real intensity, not faked. Bas Hollander’s huge experience put the icing on the cake. Because sometimes you forget to hold your back straight from all the excitement, whereas technically you should, of course. Or when you really need to take a break.

fotoshoot planet fitness foto selecties apple
Checking directly on set.

Tired but satisfied

And then when, without running out of time, you finally close up the two days of shooting, you’re tired but satisfied. Back to Fitbrand to clean the equipment and sort out the pictures. Because it was all shot at location, we’re almost done. We just have to adjust the colours a little bit, but no lengthy Photoshop sessions just to make the pictures sparkle a bit and tweak details that no one ever sees. Simple, effective and real. That’s what we like.

Taste the atmosphere

Not everything can be explained in words. Therefore, watch the video to taste the atmosphere of a photo shoot on location with Fitbrand. And you’ll immediately get a sneak preview of Planet Fitness’s new brochure!

More pictures of our cases

Want to see more? Take a look at a selection of the final result in our Planet Fitness Lifestyle Photography case.

fitness lifestyle fotografie door fitbrand

The Crew :
Photography: Peter van der Steege en Angelo Roga
Production: Hilly Goedhart
Photo- en videography
‘behind the scenes’:
Nienke Meijeringh en Orlando Mual
Technical advice:Bas Hollander
Models: Dennis Toppin, Yves van de Eynden,Bas Hollander, Kim Vergouwen, Chantal de Rooij, Louise Duif, Annabelle van Gorcom en Laura Pels

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