Getting insights into your own brand with the 13P model

For every brand out there it is of great importance to be and stay healthy. Because drinking a lot of water and exercising regularly doesn’t do the trick, you have to apply other measures to ensure the vitality of your brand. That is why we recently proudly introduced our own ’13P model’.

Fitbrand team-day: to strengthen our own brand

The same goes for Fitbrand; we must evolve to maintain a strong and relevant brand. What we usually do for others, we’re doing that for ourselves now. With that in mind we recently organized an internal Fitbrand team-day. A joyful occasion with flashcards, a lot of coffee and brainstorm sessions!

More than just making money

The four P’s of marketing are well known: Product, Place, Price and Promotion. The four P’s are mainly aimed at making maximum profit. So far nothing new, because every business economist will tell you that the main goal of a company is maximizing the profit. It has always been like that. However, history has taught us that maximizing profit alone is not enough for a company to compete on the (inter)national market. During the financial crisis a lot of companies learned a hard lesson and were forced to re-establish a new view on the market in which they operate.

fitbrand identiteit

Introducing a new dimension

Nowadays there is room for a new context, a different way of approaching the traditional way of doing business. The monetary train of though, the one aimed at profit rates and conversion makes way for a thing called Corporate Social Responsibility. CSR gives a new dimension to the notion of ‘profit’. Profit as we used to know it can now be divided into personal, financial and social profit. You can unite these new ‘pillars of profit’ in a single term: Integral Profit.

Because the traditional 4 P’s of marketing are quite old we at Fitbrand consider them outdated. That is why we made a new model during our team-day. This new model is based upon existing marketing- and positioning-models and extended with our own knowledge and understanding of the current climate on the (inter)national marketplace. An important aspect of this model is the social component of doing business. Our model consists of 13 P’s and starts at the outer edges (see image below) and works its way to the core.

The Fitbrand 13P Model

de 13ps van fitbrand

The 13P model works from the outside in

First row

Playing Fields: What is the ‘playing field’ of the company? In which market are you currently operating? (Fitness, transport, telecom etc.)
Personality: Which personality does the company have? What are the brandvalues?
Principles: Which principles are handled by the company? (Things like reliability and quality)
Pools: In which customer segment is the company currently active?

Second row

Position: What is the current position of the company on the (inter)national market?
Passion: Which passion drives the company?
Purpose: What is the purpose of the company? (what goal has to be achieved?)
Pulls: On which fronts, or with what means, or products or qualities does your company distinguish itself from others?

Third row

Profile: Who would the company be, were it a person? Make a profile of your company
Promise: Which promise can the company make to its customers?
Proof: What is the ‘greater’ goal of the company? (something that in reality is hardly ever reached)
Proposition: What is the proposition of the company? With which sentence can the company describe itself to the outside world?

The core

Pitch: Which sentence describes the company, both internal and external?

To give you an example, this is Fitbrands Pitch: ‘A small but highly motivated publicity agent specialized in the fitness-, sport- and healthbranche.’

More insight into your own brandstrategy

Filling in the 13P model can help you tremendously gaining insight into the ideal strategy for your brand. Where is your brand right now, and what is the intended future position of your brand. Using the model Fitbrand provided will provide you with clarity as to how your brand operates and relates to your competition. You will also learn how to distinguish yourself from other brands. Fitbrand has used the 13P model several times to help clients gain insights into their own brand, resulting in a stronger and more vital brand. Wíth social responsibility, ánd profitable.

Got any questions after reading this blog, or are you interested in sitting down with us and analyzing your brand together using the 13P model? That’s great, because we like to help companies like yours! Scheduling an appointment is a piece of cake!