Thank you Nienke!

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Nienke has been an intern at Fitbrand since the end of January. Last week she turned in her internship report for her study Graphic Design at the Cibap in Zwolle. And that’s an occasion we would like to spend a moment on at Fitbrand. Even though she’s not gone yet, fortunately.

Stageverslag Nienke Fitbrand

Over the past five months we have seen Nienke grow a lot at Fitbrand, in multiple ways. Professionally: she has shown that she has ‘it’ when it comes to converting concepts to images. But also personally; she has become more mature, more effective, and she dares to stand for her own opinion. That she is very precise and always has everything done on time sounds almost like we give her too many compliments. But it’s true, every word of it!

Are we done yet?

No. Besides being a good graphic designer, Nienke is also a very talented photographer. She has been accepted into the study Photography at the Academy of Arts Utrecht. We think that it’s well deserved.

Like the British saying: The proof of the pudding is in the eating. That’s why we proudly present to you a few of Nienke’s highlights of her time at Fitbrand.

Logo ontwerp Jennifer Wichers - Fitbrand
Logo design for Jennifer Wichers, judoka, Groningen

Making of fotoshoot Planet Fitness - Bas Hollander
Making of photography during several photoshoots for Planet Fitness with Bas Hollander, Groningen.

Ontwerp facebook banners blogposts over voeding
Design Facebook and website banners for 14 blogposts about nutrition, Dijkmansport, Groningen.

Nienke, we want to thank you. And the best of luck in your new career!

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