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Generally speaking, personal trainers are not very busy with personal branding. When they achieve good results with their customers, the news quickly spreads through the old-fashioned technique of mouth-to-mouth advertising. Practice teaches that personal trainers need to be busy with their own Brand. And that often also has a reason: Good personal trainers often run so many sessions with their customers that there is less time to work on their own Brand. But is that a sensible strategy in the long run?

Imagine: After a number of years, you are looking for new challenges, an expansion of your offer, or you want to work with more personal trainers. Then it would be sensible to do your homework beforehand. These 7 tips and the presentation that you can download below will give you the right incentive to make new steps on the web.

What is a Brand?

A Brand is a collection of consumer perceptions. The so-called abdominal feeling. Consumers normally only used to buy products from large companies, but nowadays buying things from individuals is becoming more popular. That individual could be you. Because your personal Brand is born of your experience and reputation, it is important to ensure that this reputation is also visible online. This enables you to connect with your target audience with the adequate online reputation and ensure a healthy long-term relationship with your customers.

With a Personal Brand, the individual makes the distinction by consistently using his or her unique value proposition.

So we’re all Brands, because every individual is unique!

To point your own Brand towards the right direction on the web, however, there are a few very important things you have to remember. Firstly, be authentic and consistent in your approach to customers. Each time you’re advertising something, remind yourself of the message you intend to communicate to your target audience; its also important to keep it simple.

How do you start as a personal trainer with your own Brand on the web? I will give you 7 simple tips to help you get started…

1. Create a unique and specific niche market to stand out from the other personal trainers.

For example, specialize in something like small group training or e-coaching using an app or online system. Make sure you target a specific audience. For example, you can choose to target only top athletes. So, be a specialist and not a generalist.

2. Take a lot of photos.

Social media is mostly built around photos. Think of the enormous rise of, and other popular platforms such as These sites use photos to spread their messages. And today’s smartphones offer everything you need to quickly develop into an experienced photographer!

3. Make sure you have a Google Account.

Unfortunately, without a Google Email address, you do not have access to the web. Google offers a huge package of services and Apps that you can usually use for free. If you have a domain on your own name, you might consider using Google Apps for Work. Then you will run Email through Google, and you will also have access to all kinds of Apps to collaborate in documents. Additionally, installing Email via Google today is super easy.

4. Launch your own website or blog.

Creating your own website is relatively simple. There are already countless online providers of ready-to-use templates for web designs. Think of Wix, Squarespace, Blogspot, Tumblr. By far the most comprehensive features are offered by WordPress. Most commercial providers work with a fixed amount per month or per year. WordPress is free and also offers the possibility to install countless free templates. What matters is that you are looking for systems that look good on a smartphone or tablet.

5. Think of a convincing Elevator Pitch.

With an Elevator Pitch, the audience can already tell in a short time (max 60 seconds) what you actually do and what product you sell. People often don’t have a lot of time to listen which is why this is so important. An Elevator Pitch may seem a bit artificial and may not give you the opportunity to show your passion to your desired extent, but it gives you the option to explain to someone in a short time what your unique value proposition is, which in turn makes them more likely to be interested. Here is a brief example of a Elevator Pitch:

I am a personal trainer and help people who want to achieve a maximum training result in a minimal amount of time. In particular, I focus on weight loss, increasing body strength and / or endurance. This gives me a better sense of overall fitness and well-being.

6. Make sure you know how to use SEO (or SEA).

We live in a competitive world and everyone wants their product to be be number 1. However, that can never happen automatically. Google now determines complex and, above all, secret algorithms that come as keys to a search. Fortunately, we know a lot about Google’s way of working and you will find yourself at a great advantage if you actively implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are countless blogs about SEO. You could start with the extensive WIKI (article on Wikipedia) to read about SEO. If you want instant and measurable results from Google searches, you can opt for Search Engine Advertising (SEA), more commonly known as Google Adwords. Here it is especially important to investigate what the right keywords are for your product and budget that you have over if you want a click on your web page.

7. Spread your knowledge.

This is a simple tip, but quite crucial. Due to the rise of social media, people may get to know your product through videos on YouTube or through an eBook. Right now there are a lot of channels to send your own message to your target group. Writing a book or eBook is by far one of the best ways to enter into authority.

I gave a presentation on this topic during the LAPT Megano Festival 2014. In this presentation there were also some useful links to things that could help you further with your online branding. The presentation can be downloaded here:


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