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On December 12th the year will be closed with the last LAPT-convention of 2015. The subject of this edition: ‘Lifestyle & Nutrition’.  LAPT trained more a hundred Personal Trainers over the last few years, and they helped them achieving a maximal return of their Personal Training career.

As a non-member of LAPT you can profit from the knowledge of top presenters as well, among which: hormone expert Ralph Moorman, world champion kickboxing Rico Verhoeven, researcher Jan Middelkamp and the author of Sitting is Killing Arto Pesola. We can have a talk during my workshop about personal branding. The goal: search for your own strengths and weaknesses, and how this self-knowledge can help you create new chances. And subsequently to put down your PT business on the market even better than before!

What about your own goals?

As a personal trainer you’re good at coaching people. You make people set goals for themselves and help them achieve the desired results. That’s what you like and it’s the reason you chose this occupation. But do you set goals for yourself? And do you achieve the goals you set for your company? Love for the job is for many people the main reason to practise this line of work, and it’s also where you put most of your energy into. However, to put time and energy in the growth of your enterprise remains very important.

Imagine: you’re hosting 40 workouts of an hour per week. That means you don’t have a lot of time to yourself. In the evenings you need to do the preparations. And then there’s administration that needs to be done as well. When you’re just getting started it’s not much of a problem, but in the long run it’s not what you desire. But for whom are you really working, if you’re working for your company rather than building it?

When you look at your company in the way you would look at a brand, you create the possibility to grow further. Because, what kind of brand are you? We will try to find out during the workshop what kind of person you are, and how you can put yourself down as a strong brand. Because your personality is reflected in your handshake, the coffee you serve and the way you maintain contact with your customers. In short: everything you show of yourself. What makes you that unique person?

Uniqueness is your trademark

During the workshop you will see a lot of examples. Here’s one for you already: A personal trainer I met during a workshop went looking for a unique perspective. Training with your dog. The time that training outside was a strange phenomenon lies far behind. But training outside with your dog will be a completely different experience. Enjoying a walk in the forest and actively engaging with your 4-legged companion. It’s very different from walking on a treadmill inside. Such a concept stands out: this unique form of training resulted in countless new customers within a few weeks.

nieuwe concepten voor Personal Trainers

Of course I will give a lot more examples of inspiring success stories during my workshop. In a short workshop I will help you to find out what kind of brand you are! I will do everything in my power to take you a step closer to you reaching your final goal.

Do you have questions you want me to answer during my workshop? Or do you have suggestions?

Please send me a bericht. I’m happy to meet you during the LAPT ender of the year in Veenendaal.

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Peter van der Steege (1961) is branding- and marketing expert with over twenty years of practice in the health- and fitness sector. This vast experience he uses as owner of the versatile design studio Fitbrand and as co-owner of the fast-growing publishing house BlackboxPublishers (2013). Peter is author of the book Bouw jouw Brand (2015) and hosts multiple incompany workshops and lectures for companies annually.

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