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Personal branding has been hot for a while now, nothing new about that. We live in an era where it’s more about you and how you look to other people.

For example: Because of the rise of internet and social media, we continuously get an overload of new blogposts from bloggers located in every corner of the globe. Photographers, fashion bloggers, make-up experts who show you how to get your photography, make-up and styling perfectly organised. And if there’s still a wrinkle visible, you just follow a tutorial from a Photoshop-master. These bloggers have online authority, therefore they have secured a strong brand for themselves.

As true authorities in their line of work, influential bloggers help us get over the threshold to make decisions. They have direct influence on our behaviour, and this is exactly what traditional brands also would like to achieve.

Put yourself down as a strong brand
Many small self-employed entrepreneurs are already involved in personal branding. Because, what all the big brands can do, you can do too! Sport-, health- and fitness-professionals are mainly occupied by their customers. They help them to achieve their goals. But as a professional you would like to make your own dreams come true, wouldn’t you? Whether you’re a self-employed tennis teacher, swimming teacher, personal trainer, golf teacher or a sport coach, or maybe even an officially employed trainer: in every case it’s not only the service that you are selling, it is YOU that you’re selling as well. You are an essential component of your product. It is of great importance to put yourself down as a “strong brand”.

Book: Build your brand.

With Fitbrand I have helped countless companies in the past 25 years with building and maintaining their brand. In cooperation with Jan Middelkamp (researcher, author) and Kelby Jongen (personal trainer/coach), we gathered our knowledge over the past years and brought it together in: Build your Brand.

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In the book we explain in a clear and accessible way how sport professionals can become a strong brand themselves. On the basis of a concrete 10-point plan, you will find out fast enough what aspects play a role in building your brand. Beside that, you will find a lot of tips, examples from real life and some concrete exercises which you can tackle right away.

Book & workshop
The book is launched at March 19th 2015 in Vught together with the workshop “Build your Brand”. During a short but intensive workshop we take you with us in the world of today’s branding, and I will show you how to build your very own brand. There will also be a lot to learn during the workshop that Guy van der Reijden (owner of 3SIXTY5).

The workshop is suitable for everyone who’s involved in the sports-, health- or fitness-industry or anyone who wants to work on his or her own brand. Of course you will get a copy of the book Build your Brand when you participate in this workshop. Hopefully I will see you on March 19th!

Click here for more information about the workshop

Don’t have time for the workshop? You can order the book here.

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