Ride On: the infotainment e-mag for indoor cycling enthusiasts


Issue #5 is ‘hot off the press’ and will join a series of very positively received e-magazines from Body Bike. RIDE ON is a sleek designed and well maintained (free of charge) magazine packed with trends, news, interviews and much more about indoor cycling in the world of fitness. To make you extra curious: in issue #4 there’s an interview with our CEO Peter van der Steege.

Body Bike

BODY BIKE International is a leading manufacturer of hand-built indoor bikes, based in the north of Denmark, in Frederikshavn. They design their fitness bikes following Scandinavian design trends: simplicity and functionality are key in every step of the process.

Independent and best in the field

One year after the first publication of the magazine, RIDE ON had matured into a magazine that has to be viewed with respect. The aim of the magazine is on enthusiasts of indoor cycling and cycling instructors. While free of charge, the magazine is filled to the brim with interesting interviews, newsworthy articles and story’s about the latest trends

RIDE ON is editorially independent and focusses on the best in the field when it comes to indoor cycling; always on the cutting edge when it comes to fine authorship and interesting consumer-oriented news. Peter van der Steege was asked for an interview in issue #4 about ‘The power of the brand’. Peter gives an example of Coca-Cola: ‘’whether you drink it or not, Coca-Cola will mean something to you. That’s the power of a brand.’’ RIDE ON issue #4 is available right here!

Free subscription

The E-mag ‘RIDE ON’ is available for all who are interested. Do you want to stay up to date with the newest editions without any obligations? That’s great, you can subscribe with your e-mail. This way, you will automatically receive the latest edition of RIDE ON in your inbox.