Personal branding like a Pro

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On December 12th the year will be closed with the last LAPT-convention of 2015. The subject of this edition: ‘Lifestyle & Nutrition’.  LAPT trained more a hundred Personal Trainers over the last few years, and they helped them achieving a maximal return of their Personal Training career.

As a non-member of LAPT you can profit from the knowledge of top presenters as well, among which: hormone expert Ralph Moorman, world champion kickboxing Rico Verhoeven, researcher Jan Middelkamp and the author of Sitting is Killing Arto Pesola. We can have a talk during my workshop about personal branding. The goal: search for your own strengths and weaknesses, and how this self-knowledge can help you create new chances. And subsequently to put down your PT business on the market even better than before!

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Personal branding – Working on your own brand

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Personal branding has been hot for a while now, nothing new about that. We live in an era where it’s more about you and how you look to other people.

For example: Because of the rise of internet and social media, we continuously get an overload of new blogposts from bloggers located in every corner of the globe. Photographers, fashion bloggers, make-up experts who show you how to get your photography, make-up and styling perfectly organised. And if there’s still a wrinkle visible, you just follow a tutorial from a Photoshop-master. These bloggers have online authority, therefore they have secured a strong brand for themselves.

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