Hilly Goedhart

Producer, designer and copywriter

Tougher than a rock in a fire, and co-owner of Fitbrand. Has a wide variety of skills including organization and copywriting, which causes you to ask yourself: is there anything she doesn’t do? She has been with Peter for more than 30 years, and roughly 10 years in the company. Proud mother of two beautiful children. Loves being around people. Enjoys cooking and eating together with others. Appreciative of the small things in life. Listens to classical guitar and sometimes even Drum n’ Bass. When she works out she feels free as a bird.

Hilly produced videos for DISQ, made booklets for the Megakwartaal of the HDD GROUP and structured the entire Fitbrand office.

Ids Kooistra

Designer, video editor and camera operator

A designer by nature. Mostly works digitally, but can also design, cuts and fold together beautiful packages. Filmmaker. Creates perfectly fitting videos. Designed and built whole new parts of his dream home in the countryside.

He can’t stop listening to the live playlist broadcasted by 3voor12. Recently stopped using his Nokia. Associates the word ‘social’ with actual togetherness rather than social media.

Ids previously worked as a designer in several advertising agencies and still shares his knowledge with many of his HBO students.

Frank Spin

Webdeveloper and designer

Superhero in terms of coding and user-friendliness. Works very hard during the day, and in contrast his evenings are inspired by his PlayStation. Prefers a good glass of whiskey at the end of the day more than too much coffee.

Impressively well-cleaned desk in the Big Building. Has a good sense of humour. He’s finally learning to lay off the his gadgets. Keywords: WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Frank is a successful entrepreneur with Spinme and has built websites for Hotel New York, SS Rotterdam and Noordhoff Publishers.

Peter van der Steege

Branding and design specialist, photographer and the Boss

A craftsman who can design images to bring brands to life. His creative eye for photography helps him to focus on what brands are all about. Eager to learn. Forever seeking to take three steps further than everyone else. Always looking for new challenges and experiences. Loves the openness and gladly collects talent. Peter would be more than happy to assist you in setting up the brand that suits you. From a brand new identity to a dedicated social media workshop.

He is Co-founder of BlackBoxPublishers, a fast-growing publishing company of books and e-books for fitness & health professionals. You can also check his personal website.

Melinde Meinen

Designer and project manager

Multitalented and Peter’s right hand, despite the fact that she always sits to the left of him in the office. Hobbies include: Photo shopping your head onto the bodies of others. Has the uncanny ability to juggle multiple tasks at the same time. Leads projects with great ease. Creative. Social. Sporty. According to her handball team, she excels in all sports except lasertag. Too modest to admit her strengths. Her real passion is handball. Thinks outside the box. Created festival toilets for each gender identity, with matching calendars.

She worked for Fotodoos and Hammers & Wood. In addition, she has her own company, Foolz graphic design.

Angelo Roga

Photographer, camera operator and video editor

Always in motion with images. Seeks new angles and solutions. World traveler who discovered his all-time favorite beer in Belgium. Followed Kraantje Pappie on tour from the Crane Motor.

Not a 9-to-5 man. He’s a night owl who loves to work until late at night, but he does enjoy a good lie-in. Was once an Aruban record holder on the 100 and 200 meter sprints. Currently seeking a secretary.

He mounted, filmed and photographed on behalf of LXR®, DISQ, Hanzehogeschool, Coffee Company, Flex and Rapide internet.

Jeroen Broersma

Designer and illustrator

A true born illustrator. Draws everything that appears both in front of him and in his imagination, first on paper and then onto the computer. Always carries around his own set of pencils, from 9B to 9H. In the process of discovering new illustration techniques. A certified fitness trainer. Loves big festivals such as The Flying Dutch.

He studied Communication & Multimedia Design in Leeuwarden and completed his graduation program at Fitbrand. After graduating he has successfully strengthened the team.

Chris Kuhl

Frontend & Backend developer

Chris has been immersing himself in the world of (web)development since his childhood. He studied Human & Computer Science at the University of Stenden in Emmen. His talents as a webdeveloper are unprecedented. Made his first website in Microsoft Publisher at age eleven. Loves a good glass of Vieux. Developes apps for both IOS and Android. Is passionate about astrophotography. Critical and analytic mind. Enjoys automating digital processes.

Is a big fan of Dire Straits, and also plays guitar himself. Knows how to fend off the chaos of everyday life by watching the stars in the nightsky. Occasionally gives private concerts.


Nick Boer


The person you want to borrow a pen from because he’s always carrying one. Fanatic windsurfer, when there’s wind you’ll find him on the water. When he isn’t writing, he’s reading.

Can smell spelling mistakes from a mile away. Studied Communication and Multimedia Design in Groningen, and did his graduation project with Fitbrand. Hopes to take over the world when he’s all grown up.

Pelle Stegenga

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Pelle is best described as an autodidact who doesn’t follow the beaten path. Has a liking for Techno, and Drum and Bass. Studies business administration at the RUG, and follows the track ‘Technology Management’. Is working on an application that will make him rich, if all goes well.

Chances are you’ll meet him in Paradigm, Oost or Simplon on a Saturday night. Goes bouldering to work on his core-strength. Pelle plays Fortnite and isn’t ashamed of that. Saved a lot of money once on a bundle of programming courses from Stackskills.

Marc Cornelius

Online marketeer, SEA specialist

His day starts at 5 o’clock in the morning. Aims to become 1% better than the previous day. Marc works out on a daily basis. You can find him in the gym, but a good run will also satisfy him. Likes to listen to the 100% Inspiration Podcast by Thijs Lindhout. Analytically very strong and socially driven, looking for reliable and genuine relationships between himself and his customers.

Marc has followed the HBO course in Communication Systems and has smoothly thrown in a master in communication sciences at the RUG. Has his own marketing agency “Marbles Marketing” for 1.5 years at the time of writing.